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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gauging Jewelry Popularity with Most Searched Keywords

By Pippit Carlington

While looking around on Facebook recently I came across a group in which a man was talking about using keywords to bring more people to one's jewelry site.

I have always thought that my use of keywords was pretty good already, but Wordtracker seems to have it down to a science if you are willing to really analyze the raw data it gives you.

Below is only a small sample of the possible key words; there are an unlimited number of combinations pertaining to jewelry, but I included some of the most popular in the order of most to least searched.

This little example will provide you with alot of information about what customers are looking for as well as to help you tag your pieces more efficiently on Etsy and any of the other websites you use to promote your work that rely on tags.

There’s a clever little tool on their website that allows you to type in any keyword (or several together to form a phrase), and it will tell you how many searches use that keyword and also more specific uses of it and how many searches those terms have been used in, for instance I put in the word Tourmaline and notice all the information it gives you. It will even tell you which colors of Tourmaline are most searched.


This tells us that Pink is probably the most popular with 46 searches, then green and Paraiba are running neck and neck with 28. Next in popularity is Watermelon Tourmaline with 21 searches, then Black Tourmaline with 14 searches. Blue Tourmaline (versus Paraiba) with 3 searches is even less popular, and it appears that Berry (2 searches) appears to be the least popular color of all.

In terms of types of pieces (plural and singular) this was what I discovered from most to least popular;

Jewelry Terms
Rings- 687
Ring- 428
Earrings- 366
Necklace- 307
Necklaces- 208
Pin- 181
Bracelets- 174
Hoops – 152
Bracelet- 150
Pins- 104
Earring- 71
Hoop earrings- 55
Brooches- 54
Brooch- 33

Stone Varieties in Order of Most Popular to Least Popular
Amber- 2874
Diamonds- 1415
Diamond- 1264
Jade- 1209
Ruby- 949
Pearl- 577
Coral- 527
Pearls- 490
Sapphire- 445
Amethyst- 352
Emerald- 321
Opal- 250
Turquoise- 245
Garnet- 215
Tourmaline- 209
Emeralds- 172
Peridot- 155
Moonstone- 145
Opals- 127
Malachite- 121
Labradorite- 99
Blue Sapphires- 99
Blue Topaz- 97
Chrysoprase- 68
Carnelian- 68
Apatite- 66
Freshwater Pearls- 63
Sapphires- 63
Fire Opal- 61
Aventurine- 51
Kyanite- 50
Amazonite- 44
Boulder Opal- 43
Garnets- 41
Australian Opal- 30
Black Onyx- 30
Rhodonite- 28
Moonstones- 20
Cheap Rhodochrosite Rondelle- 19
Rhodochrosite- 13
Lightning Ridge Opal- 17
Rainbow Moonstone- 9
Pink Moonstone- 7
Blue Opal- 6
Pink Opal Beads- 5
Pink Opals- 3
White Moonstone- 2
Black Moonstone- 1
Lemon Quartz- 0
Beer Quartz- 0

Colors of Stones
Yellow Stone- 80
Black Stone- 37
Blue Stone- 24
Red Stone- 12
Green Stones- 12
Purple Stone- 9
Green Stone- 8
Pink Stone- 4
Orange Stone- 3
Deep Purple Stone- 0
Brown Stone- 0

Style of stones

Bronze Clay- 20

Pink- 19155
Black- 8495
Red- 6079
Gold- 3835
Blue- 2752
Orange- 1940
Silver- 1648
Deep Purple- 1524
Green- 1492
Yellow- 1259
Purple- 1226
Copper- 908
Brown- 778
Bronze- 265

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